Collaborative Economy Environmental Impact and Opportunities

03/08/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This short study explores the environmental impact of the collaborative economy, particularly focussing on goods.

Circular Economy

Appearance and evolution of the circular economy concept. What is the road ahead? Who will have to be involved if such a transition takes place?

Sharing Cities and Sustainable Consumption and Production: Towards an Integrated Framework

This research examines the interaction between the emergence of the sharing economy in cities and sustainable consumption and production.

The role of values in collaborative consumption: insights from a product-service system for lending and borrowing in the UK

This research investigates different ways of thinking about how values may hinder the acceptance, adoption and diffusion of product services systems that enable collaborative consumption.

The Environmental Impact of Sharing: Household and Urban Economies in CO2 Emissions

19/03/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Research paper aiming at constructing a dataset of CO2 emissions in the US at the household level, and relation between residential density and urban economies.

Energising Peer-to-peer Urban Futures – Challenges for Urban Governance

In-depth analysis of emerging peer-to-peer networks at city level and their capacity of shaping urban space, in the context of relating urban governance to citizens' initiatives.

Peterboroughs Circular City Roadmap

02/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Peterborough's Circular City Roadmap, an ambitious plan & performance monitoring framework.

The Circular Economy – A New Sustainability Paradigm?

This paper deepens on the relationship between the circular economy and sustainability, by an extensive literature review, reaching some sharing and diverging points among the two concepts.

Circular Economy: The Concept and its Limitations

The boom in the concept and benefits of the circular economy represent a great step towards a more sustainable world. Nevertheless, some limitations exist when it comes to its meaning and implications

Defining the Sharing Economy for Sustainability

Literarure review on sharing economy aiming at the improvement of sustainability.