Peterboroughs Circular City Roadmap

Author: Future Peterborough 

Date Published: May 2018

Why did we select this research? 

The circular economy provides cities with a framework to deliver sustainable growth and to build greater resilience with businesses and communities. This research focuses on the practical implementation, monitoring and measuring of circular initiatives and policies in Peterborough through the ‘Circular City Roadmap’ . The roadmap consists of an introduction to our circular city vision, aims and objectives; a framework to develop the enabling conditions and measure progress, demonstration projects, a list of organisations and next steps

Key Findings

  • Using the 7Rs - rethink, redesign, repurpose (reuse & share), repair, remanufacture, recycle and recover - make the concept of circularity real to local people and businesses

  • Use Systems Thinking: provides a simple, yet powerful representation of the interdependent nature of city systems and helps to think about the relationships between the different social and technical aspects. All urban components need to be aligned in order to create a circular city.

  • It is necessary to place city systems within their context, which include: financial/economic circumstances, regulatory frameworks and stakeholders because cities and their environment  engage in a reciprocal relationship.

  • Useful to use the Circular City Maturity Model to measure progress/current situation of developing the enabling conditions for a circular city. 

  • Designing a ‘Performance Monitoring Framework’ is useful to measure and direct progress towards becoming a circular city. In this framework the system components (Circular Goals, Circular People, Circular Infrastructure, Circular Technology, Circular Culture, Circular Processes & Procedures, Environment, Stakeholders, Regulatory Framework, Economic Conditions) are explained and justified. 

  • Develop demonstration projects in order to: Build an evidence base, to inspire, to make progress 


Future Peterborough (2018) Circular City Roadmap - an ambitious plan & performance monitoring framework towards 2021.