A Commons Transition Plan for the City of Ghent

A Commons Transition Plan for the City of Ghent: Research commissioned by the City of Ghent to investigate the possibility of a potentially new political, facilitative and regulatory relationship bet

White Paper: Collaboration in Cities. From Sharing to ‘Sharing Economy’

The World Economic Forum’s Future has released its new white paper on the sharing economy in cities, explaining what it means to become a sharing city.

A Fair Share - Safeguarding Public Interests in the Sharing and Gig Economy

This study inquires how public interests that are affected by new practices arising from the sharing and gig economy can be safeguarded.

Navigating the Sharing Economy: A 6 Decision Guide for Municipalities

25/08/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
An extensive guide to help municipalities navigate the complexities of the sharing economy.

Shifting Perspective: Redesigning Regulation for the Sharing Economy

This Public Design Report presents a 5-step framework for cities to develop a sharing economy strategy and key implications for regulating the accommodation and transportation sector.

Governing Sharing Cities: A Comparative Case Study of Nine European Cities

01/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This comparative study describes how and why nine pioneering European cities govern the sharing economy differently.

What if Cities Could Create a Truly Inclusive Local Sharing Economy?

29/06/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study explores how city leaders can promote a local sharing economy that are inclusive of all their residents.

Government-driven Sharing Economy

14/06/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study reviews the Sharing City Initiative of Seoul to demonstrate how governments can promote and utilize the sharing economy as a policy instrument for economic and social goals.

The Sharing Economy as an Urban Phenomenon

03/07/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This research argues that the sharing economy is fundamentally an urban phenomenon and describes how the sharing economy is transforming cities.

New Era. New Plan. A Fiscal Strategy for an Inclusive, Circular Economy

This study by The Ex’tax Project examines the impact of a tax shift from labour to consumption and natural resource use.