A Commons Transition Plan for the City of Ghent

16/01/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
A Commons Transition Plan for the City of Ghent: Research commissioned by the City of Ghent to investigate the possibility of a potentially new political, facilitative and regulatory relationship bet

White Paper: Collaboration in Cities. From Sharing to ‘Sharing Economy’

08/01/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The World Economic Forum’s Future has released its new white paper on the sharing economy in cities, explaining what it means to become a sharing city.

A Fair Share - Safeguarding Public Interests in the Sharing and Gig Economy

19/09/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study inquires how public interests that are affected by new practices arising from the sharing and gig economy can be safeguarded.

Navigating the Sharing Economy: A 6 Decision Guide for Municipalities

25/08/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
An extensive guide to help municipalities navigate the complexities of the sharing economy.

Shifting Perspective: Redesigning Regulation for the Sharing Economy

06/03/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This Public Design Report presents a 5-step framework for cities to develop a sharing economy strategy and key implications for regulating the accommodation and transportation sector.

Governing Sharing Cities: A Comparative Case Study of Nine European Cities

01/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This comparative study describes how and why nine pioneering European cities govern the sharing economy differently.

What if Cities Could Create a Truly Inclusive Local Sharing Economy?

29/06/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study explores how city leaders can promote a local sharing economy that are inclusive of all their residents.

Government-driven Sharing Economy

14/06/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study reviews the Sharing City Initiative of Seoul to demonstrate how governments can promote and utilize the sharing economy as a policy instrument for economic and social goals.

The Sharing Economy as an Urban Phenomenon

03/07/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This research argues that the sharing economy is fundamentally an urban phenomenon and describes how the sharing economy is transforming cities.

New Era. New Plan. A Fiscal Strategy for an Inclusive, Circular Economy

15/12/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study by The Ex’tax Project examines the impact of a tax shift from labour to consumption and natural resource use.