Defining the Sharing Economy for Sustainability

Authors: Steven Kane Curtis  and Matthias Lehner

Date of publish: January 2019

Why did we select this research?

The need for an agreed definition of the sharing economy from the perspective of sustainability science in order to indicate sharing practices that are consistent with the sustainability claims attributed to the sharing economy is much needed in this emerging perspective. The aim of this scientific paper is to precisely do so.

Key findings:

  • Sharing economy as a re-shaper of the meaning (and relevance) of ownership.
  • Sharing economy has the potential to promote the institutionalization of sharing as a sustainable consumption practice.
  • Still plenty of room for researches to establish a common ground for research based on discourse analysis.                         


Curtis, S. K., & Lehner, M. (2019). Defining the Sharing Economy for Sustainability. Sustainability, 11(3), 567.