Urban Development

Affordable, quality housing is a foundational requirement for a healthy, cohesive society, and the economic fortunes of a city. Yet in many of the world’s cities, housing affordability is slipping further out of reach of the average citizen. At the same time, a lot of cities have a number of dwellings that lie vacant, while people remain on waiting lists for public housing, are thrown into competition in tight rental markets, or become homeless. Policy responses in such a complex area as housing need to be both well thought out and applied. This room showcases research, case studies and policies to inform how the sharing economy plays a role in this matter.


This room contains the latest research about the sharing economy, in specific about the impact of accommodation sharing on the housing market.

Case Studies

In this room we’ll present case studies of sharing start-ups, platforms, projects and best practices of city governments around the world trying to ensure affordable, secure and/or quality housing for everyone.

Policies, regulations & MoU's

In this room you find information on how cities deal with different policy elements related to housing.