There is no single definition for the sharing economy. To get a grip on the phenomenon you can find an introductory video by Rachel Botsman, a range of definitions and key research papers about the sharing economy in this room.

The case for collaborative consumption

01/05/2010Sharing Cities Alliance Support
It all started with this TED talk by Rachel Botsman. She discovered a single underlying patter under a diverse set of phenomena.

Definitions: an overview

31/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
As there is no single definition for the sharing economy we provide you with an overview of definitions.

Putting the sharing economy into perspective

01/01/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This research provides a definition, elaborates on the impact of the sharing economy and on the current policies and regulations.

Scoping the Sharing Economy: Origins, Definitions, Impact and Regulatory Issues

01/01/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This working paper elaborates on the origins, definitions, impact and regulatory issues of the sharing economy.