Market Developments

The sharing economy has emerged as an innovative exchange model that is disrupting traditional market exchanges. In this part we'll discuss the past, current and future market developments of this sector.

Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy

01/09/2014Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This report offers a detailed view of the collaborative economy in the UK.

Sharing for People, Planet or Profit?

01/06/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This research provides an overview of why people are willing to participate in the sharing economy, by looking at economic, social and environmental motivations.

Exploratory study of consumer issues in peer-to-peer platform markets

01/06/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This European Commission study investigates five peer-to-peer platform markets and identifies the main issues for consumers and providers from a consumer policy perspective.

The Emerging Collaborative Economy in Australia

01/10/2014Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The highlights of a study conducted by Vision Critical in partnership with Collaborative Lab to demonstrate the uptake and enthusiasm for collaborative economy services in the Australian Market.

The Consumer Potential of Collaborative Consumption

01/08/2013Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study provides empirical evidence on the motives and factors influencing participation in collaborative consumption in Amsterdam, based on a survey of 1330 residents.

The Sharing Economy in Amsterdam

02/02/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This video gives you a glimpse into Amsterdam's thriving sharing startup scene which can provide many benefits for the people of Amsterdam.

Unlocking the Sharing Economy in Umeå, Sweden

07/02/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This research identifies barriers to establishing the sharing economy and suggests solutions for smaller, well-developed cities like Umeå.

Sharing Cities for Urban Transformation: Narrative, Policy and Practice

15/03/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Insights on narrative, policy and practice in the context of sharing cities in the urban transformation process

What Makes the Sharing Economy Successful? An Empirical Examination of Competitive Customer Value Propositions

22/03/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper identifies a CVP for the sharing economy business model

PwC Share Economy 2017: The New Business Model

23/03/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This report published by PwC looks at the sharing economy in six European countries, Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Turkey in 2017.