Key Opportunities

The sharing economy is full of opportunities: it has the potential to facilitate effective and sustainable sharing of (scarce) resources, allows cheaper and easier access to goods and services, increase safety, social engagement and cohesion. This part provides information on the endless opportunities and helps cities unlock the underutilized potential of cities and solve global and urban challenges together.

The future of the EU collaborative economy

01/11/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper proposes four potential scenarios to explore the challenges for platform mediated labour markets, and examines how the collaborative economy could contribute to public service provision an

The Consumer Potential of Collaborative Consumption

01/08/2013Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Based on a survey of 1330 residents this study provides empirical evidence on the motives and factors influencing participation in collaborative consumption in Amsterdam.

VIDEO: 5L3 Cities and the Sharing Economy

03/05/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Talk by Yuliya Voytenko Palgan on urban experimentation in cities and the potential of the sharing economy as a potential solution for contemporary issues.

IPS-MCCY Sharing City Workshop

03/10/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Report on the IPS-MCCY-Sharing Cities Alliance Sharing City Workshop, with insights on local landscape, challenges and opportunities.