Collaborative Economy Environmental Impact and Opportunities

Authors: shareNL
Date published: February 2016
Research commissioned by: the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in the Netherlands

Why did we select this research?

In addition to providing insights into the impact and opportunities of the collaborative economy the report also highlights several issues which require actions from governments in order to stimulate the positive environmental impact of the collaborative economy.

Key findings 

The main conclusion is that the sharing of goods has significant positive environmental impact because underutilised capacity is exploited to accommodate consumption needs. Their advice to governments is as followed:

  1. Provide room to experiment, to learn, and to provide information.
  2. Stimulate sustainable sharing and limit the sharing of polluting goods.
  3. Change the behaviour of consumers to be more sustainable, within the production chain and the government.
  4. Facilitate cooperation between different actors and monitor developments in the collaborative economy.
  5. Enhance the financing opportunities to support platforms with the potential to have a significant sustainability impacts in their first development phases.
  6. Make use of the capacity of the sharing platforms during adaptation to climate change and peak use.


shareNL (2016). ‘Collaborative economy environmental impact and opportunities.’ Retrieved from:

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