The Circular Economy, Design Thinking and Education for Sustainability

22/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Designers are crucial to the development of this new economic model; furthermore, this model facilitates education for sustainability and enhances employability.

Creating a Circular Economy Precinct

22/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Brief report prepared for Sydney Water (SW) by the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF), University of Technology Sydney regarding circularity.

Towards a Circular Economy: The Role of Dutch Logistics Industries and Governments

22/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
How the Dutch logistics industry can positively affect the circular economy approach and how can this, in turn, benefit the whole European sustainability scene.

The Behavior of New Generations Consumers Related to the Circular Economy

25/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Are we changing our behavior when it comes to consumption as fast as we are learning that our capitalist patterns are no longer sustainable?

Circular Economy, Sustainable Cities, and Partnerships

27/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
How can the circular economy be applied to sustainable cities and institutions, and how partnerships can be used to implement them on real life.

Transition to Circular and Sustainable Economy Through Design

27/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Role of designers and product developers in shaping the circular economy.

Conceptualizing the Circular Economy: An Analysis of 114 Definitions

27/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Analysis of 114 definitions of the circular economy. The paper links such definitions to sustainable development.

Correlations in the European Circular Economy

28/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The circular economy records higher economic benefits, but with minimal consumption of resources and less harmful to the environment.

An Introductory Note on the Environmental Economics of the Circular Economy

28/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper provides an introduction to some of the fundamental principles and approaches in environmental economics which are of significance to achieving an integrated sustainability science.

Potential of Circular Economy in Sustainable Buildings

28/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The need for improved resource efficiency will increase parallel to the growing human demands to ensure that future needs. Circular economy principles can potentially facilitate minimizing the aforementioned pending issues emanating from the building industry through recirculation of building materials.