Case Studies

Open Data Platform Improves City Infrastructure

19/01/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The Human Ecosystem Project founded in Bologna, shows how cities can use data creatively to empower its citizens and its city, through the use of open data.

Blockchain Technology Aids Homeless New Yorkers

04/01/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Blockchain for Change creates a smart phone and app: Fummi, capable of giving homeless people in New York a digital identity and access to essential services.

Dubai: building a city on blockchain technology

25/09/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The city of Dubai aims to have all their applicable government services and transactions happen on blockchain by 2020.

Interview: blockchain projects for governments

01/10/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Interview with Marloes Pomp, project leader of thirty blockchain projects within the Dutch government, to uncover the potential of the blockchain for governments and city leaders.

Peerby Impact Assessment

01/11/2015Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This short study examined the environmental, social and economic impact of the online goods sharing platform Peerby.

The Serendipity Machine

28/08/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Case study about the Serendipity Machine: a smartphone app that connects people in real-time through a place-based network and facilitates knowledge and expertise (social capital) sharing.

Wellington Digital Divide

23/02/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Why did we select this case New Zealand's InternetNZ and  20/20 Trust have developed two complementing databases, one for mapping the digital divide throughout the country and another for mapping digital inclusion resources. About ...

New Zealand 20/20 Trust Digital Inclusion Manifesto

10/04/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Why did we select this manifesto? The 20/20 Trust is an organisation focused on digitally disadvantaged groups, geared towards increasing the inclusion of New Zealanders in the digital world by leading projects and working directly with communities...

Tel Aviv - The Smart City

25/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Overview on how the smart city tries to act as an arena where residents, business, third sector organizations and the Municipality itself can collaborate to achieve social and economic prosperity.

International Case Studies of Smart Cities - Tel Aviv, Israel

28/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Tel Aviv is viewed worldwide as an example of a Smart City. This report briefly analysis how the city achieved this level of recognition and points to potential areas that could further improve.