New Zealand 20/20 Trust Digital Inclusion Manifesto

Why did we select this manifesto?

The 20/20 Trust is an organisation focused on digitally disadvantaged groups, geared towards increasing the inclusion of New Zealanders in the digital world by leading projects and working directly with communities towards affordable access to digital devices and services, basic ICT skills, safe transactions and engagement online, as well as the creation and publishing of digital content.

About the manifesto

The manifesto identifies a digitally included person as one who has motivation to use the internet, access to the internet, core digital skills, and trust in online services. The 20/20 Trust details the following eight goals for digital inclusion and includes actions that governments can take in that direction:

  1. All people living in New Zealand are able to fully participate in the digital world.
    No-one left behind
    What governments can do: Lead and resource a national Digital Inclusion Agenda
  2. All New Zealanders have equitable access to digital technologies and online services to enhance their lives, irrespective of geographic location or ability.
    The Internet is even more vital for isolated or disabled people
    What governments can do: Fund rural school-based local wi-fi and assistive technology
  3. ‘At-risk’ families are supported with access to the internet and the necessary skills to make effective use of online services.
    These families are high consumers of online government services
    What governments can do: Start national upskilling programme for intermediary organisations
  4. Children have access to future-focused digital learning opportunities, including online access from their homes and digitally literate whānau to support their learning.
    You can’t do homework research without Internet
    What governments can do: Reinstate / increase funding of programmes for at-risk families with school-aged children
  5. School leavers are equipped with work-ready skills, including digital skills.
    Social media skills are NOT workplace skills
    What governments can do: Mandate digital skills component in all ‘ready for work’ programmes
  6. New Zealand businesses employ digitally skilled people to improve productivity.
    End the 5-year NZ ‘productivity recession’
    What governments can do: Invest in workplace-based digital skills training
  7. New Zealanders can use their digital skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle and respond positively to social challenges.
    Online services improve personal health care and services
    What governments can do: Offer digital skills and access to those in need of health advice, with DHBs and PHOs
  8. New Zealand seniors have access to digital technologies and the digital skills to remain connected with their families and communities.
    Seniors are asking for help to go online and stay connected
    What governments can do: Fund community and home-based digital literacy programmes for seniors

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