Wellington Digital Divide

Why did we select this case

New Zealand's InternetNZ and 20/20 Trust have developed two complementing databases, one for mapping the digital divide throughout the country and another for mapping digital inclusion resources.

About the case

Digital Divide provides a geographical representation of where the most digitally disadvantaged are mapped based on the following factors:

  • Digital inclusion based on: 
    • Infrastructure (% households able to receive broadband)
    • Access (% households with access to internet)
    • Skills (frequency of engagement in ICT activities and necessary ICT skills)
  • Social well-being based on the New Zealand Index of Socioeconomic Deprivation that takes into account: 
    • People under 65 with no Internet access at home
    • People 18-64 receiving a means tested benefit
    • People living in equivalised households with income below an income threshold
    • People aged between 18-64 who are unemployed
    • People aged 18-64 without any qualifications
    • People not living in their own home
    • People under 65 living in a single parent family
    • People living in equivalised households below a bedroom occupancy threshold
    • People with no access to a car

Digital Inclusion is the complementary resource that offers visibility to digital inclusion projects and resources in New Zealand, with the following goals:

  • make it easy for people to find digital inclusion projects and resources near them
  • encourage greater take up of, and support for, digital inclusion initiatives
  • encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing between projects

Resources are categorised as computer access, computer training, digital inclusion organisation, digital inclusion project, research and resources, or wireless/wifi. The Digital Inclusion Map is an initiative as a result of 20/20's digital divide manifesto strategic goals. Their initiative aligns with the New Zealand government's digital economy strategy.

Want to know more?

Digital Divide: https://digitaldivide.nz/

Digital Inclusion: https://digitalinclusion.nz/