Dubai: building a city on blockchain technology

Why did we select this case?

Blockchain technology has the potential to make both business and government services more efficient. The city of Dubai is taking the lead, as it is the first city to back the technology on a government level. 

About the case

The goal of Dubai's government is to stimulate the majority of the emarte's businesses to use blockchain. The director general of  Smart Dubai is a government office tasked with facilitating innovation in the emirates stated:

'We want to make Dubai the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020'. - Aisha Bin Bishr

Blockchain has the potential to increase transparancy, speed up transactions and help reduce fraud such as money laundering. But it also faces various challenges to broad implementation.

In the Wall Street Journal Lohade explains that implementing the blockchain is a public-private effort.

'In March, Smart Dubai kicked off a citywide effort to implement blockhain. Over the coming months, it will conduct workshops with key government, semigovernment and private organizations to identify and prioritize the services that can be most enhanced by blockchain.'

Lohade adds that the first steps are already taken by key Dubai entities.

'The Department of Economic Development, a government agency, usually the first stop for any company planning to do business in Dubai. 

The department, to start with, is working on shifting its entire business registration and licensing services to blockchain.'

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