Open Data Platform Improves City Infrastructure

Why we chose this case

The Human Ecosystem Project in Bologna, shows how cities can use data creatively to empower its citizens and its city, through the use of open data.

About the Case 

While data gathering from cities social media networks are usually used for commercial use, or for state intelligence, neither offer transparent open data to their citizens. In response to this, the City of Bologna created a platform which gathers public information from social media to understand what citizens are thinking, and feeling about their city, at a given place and time. This platform allows  researchers, city officials, and its community to identify patterns about how the cities infrastructure is functioning and how it can be improved. The analysed data is also available to the public, through  interactive exhibitions (Bologna’s Urban Center) showing series of visualisations that show behaviour and opinions among the people of Bologna.


Due to the projects sucesss, The Human Ecosystems platform has subsequently been implemented in São Paulo (Brazil), and New Haven (U.S).

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