The Serendipity Machine

Why did we select this case?

In many cities coworking spaces are growing in popularity. At these coworking places people can meet new people, learn new things, share ideas and collaborate on projects. In essence, the Serendipity Machine facilitates more relevant encounters at coworking places and beyond (e.g. libraries and train stations). In other words, the technology creates an ecosystem in which valuable knowledge and expertise can effectively be shared in places all around the city. The resulting professional connections as well as the lower barriers to find jobs are interesting developments for city governments.


The Artificial Intelligence algorithm has already connected people at Seats2meet (open coworking space) in The Netherlands for several years. Since June 2017 the Serendipity Machine can be bought by everyone. Users who answer questions such as ‘What are you working on’ and ‘What do you need today’ when they check into the app, are matched to people nearby, who are also open to share their knowledge and expertise.

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