Sharing Cities Magazine - Summer Edition 2017

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of Publish: Summer 2017

Introducing the Alliance

The Sharing Cities Alliance is a new independent foundation that fosters city-to-city learning by connecting cities from all continents, empowering city governments to continuously address the sharing economy. A phenomenon that has an increasing impact on cities. On the positive side, the sharing of goods and services among citizens and local businesses benefits the local economy, improves social cohesion and boosts sustainability and overall quality of life. But there are challenges as well. The blurring line between public and private activities may lead to friction between different stakeholders and forces cities to reconsider policies and regulations (i.e. taxation, licensing and zoning).

The sharing economy, empowered by upcoming technologies such as Blockchain and Internet of Things has the potential to open up the abundance of cities, giving more people access to affordable mobility, education, care, food, housing and more. But to get there, technology alone is not enough. We are committed to empower city governments so that they can shape the sharing economy in such a way that it improves the quality of life for their citizens. Together, the cities that join the alliance are moving towards our future cities where all citizens have access to everything they need to live a happy, a connected and a sustainable live.

Harmen van Sprang & Pieter van de Glind

co-founders of the Sharing Cities Alliance

We are always committed to share as much as possible. However, materials originating directly from the interaction between our partner cities (such as online seminars, meetings, events and magazines) remains confidential and accessible only to partner cities. Click here to learn more about joining the Sharing Cities Alliance or contact us directly at