Sharing Cities Magazine - June 2018

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of Publish: June 2018

What is the main topic of the magazine?

Entrepreneurship is a a key feature of the new approach to work, which does also really fit with the sharing and platform economy. In this edition of the magazine, it is explored the role of cities when fostering so. In this occasion, the case of Milan is analyzed, together with several insights from the sharing economy world

Key findings:

  • Participation in the planning of policies is key as to come up with policies that fit the citizen's wants and needs.
  • Trial and error approach.
  • European Commission report on the collaborative and sharing economy operators in the tourism accommodation sector.

Transforming the city centre and its outskirts into a laboratory for emerging hybrid economies, the Municipality of Milan takes a distinctive approach when it comes to the sharing economy. With an active mix of trade, agriculture, craftsmanship, food, volunteering, art, and culture, Milan is supporting initiatives including many protagonists of urban regeneration projects using technology as a means of improving efficiency, collaboration, and social impact. Their main purpose is to develop a strategy to combine economic innovation and social inclusion by interpreting new trends and seizing opportunities through international exchange. We asked Renato Galliano, the Director of Urban Economy and Employment, to share the details of their policies - scroll down to discover how Milan stimulates entrepreneurship in their sharing economy.

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