Sharing Cities Magazine - April 2018

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of Publish: April 2018

What's the main topic of the magazine?

Fostering social inclusion is a key aspect of the sharing economy. To discover how to do so, this edition of the Sharing Cities Magazine is of great help, through particular cases such as the Amsterdam approach. On top of that, the magazine also deals with the democratization of the sharing economy (if such thing is possible), by interviewing Sharetribe's co-founders Antti Virolainen and Junho Makkonen.  

Key findings:

  • The profile of people willing to share is highly educated woman between 25-40.
  • To foster those not falling into this category, one solution that Amsterdam has come to is with the "Amsterdam City Pass". This guarantees free (or largely discounted) pass to a great variety of activities (museums, swimming pool, restaurants), as to foster and promote that people from lower income backgrounds to participate in the city's life.
  • If the sharing economy is to be democratized, platforms need to be accessible and usable for everybody.  

"The goal of this seminar was  to collaboratively learn how city governments can expand the reach of the sharing & platform economy and thereby enhance the social inclusion of their residents. A good example is the City Pass project in Amsterdam. In this project, Amsterdam connected the City Pass holders to sharing platforms, ensuring that many elderly citizens and citizens with a lower income, could potentially benefit from the sharing economy. On the 11th of April, city officials from our partner cities joined the hosts Nanette Schippers, Sharing Economy Program Manager, and  Irene Wever, who are involved in the City Pas project, to hear all about the Amsterdam approach."

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