Sharing Cities Magazine - October 2018

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance
Date of publish: October 2018

Why did we conduct this research:

Given that the Sharing Cities Summit takes place in November, this edition of the magazine prepares the readers on the basics to be 

Key findings:

  • Explanation of what the Sharing Cities Summit and the Smart City Expo World Congress.
  • Fostering new opportunities and new markets for businesses and platforms: can such have a positive spillover effect over cities?
  • Opening data: potential for increasing transparency, efficiency, creating social and commercial value as well as making governance more participatory.
  • China's approach to sharing economy: where the challenges are similar but practices different.

In November 2018 the  third Sharing Cities Summit took place in Barcelona, aiming at bringing together Mayors, Deputy Mayors and city leaders from cities from around the world. The Cities Council Encounter provided a space to discuss how the continuous growth of the sharing economy impacts lives in and economic development of cities, and what innovative measures can be taken to face the challenges and opportunities they involve. This event took place the day before the start of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), which included a dedicated space for several tracks, in both Congress and Exhibition Areas. Scroll down to read more about the program.

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