Internet of Things, Blockchain and Shared Economy Applications

01/09/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The paper explores how the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology can benefit sharing economy applications.

Platform Technologies and Socio-Economic Development: The Case of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in Nigeria

24/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper analyses the state of ICTs in Nigeria and the contributions to the country’s socio-economic development

The City as a Platform: How the Digital Networks Are Changing Urban Life and Governance

11/02/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Moving from the traditional approach of cities as "places" to cities as platforms imply many changes, but being a first needed mentality and approach one a key step towards success.

Building Smart Cities with Large Scale Citizen Participation

04/02/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Using innovative strategies to try to increase citizens' participation in smart cities.

Cyber Security Challenges in Smart Cities: Safety, Security and Privacy

30/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Security and privacy remain to be at the center of concern when talking about smart cities. The huge amount of individual's information might put in jeopardy efficiency and targeted solutions.

Cloud Based Big Data Analytics for Smart Future Cities

29/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
A new approach in which data is established in data sets and set with other correlating ones, to gain a broader perspective and be able to identify the real needs through the correlated information.

Smart Cities: Privacy, Transparency, and Community

29/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Privacy, autonomy, and freedom of choice have always been some goals to which individuals have aspired. The fear that massive data collection might eradicate it can be stopped if dealt with properly.

Security and Privacy in your Smart City

29/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Smart cities and its infrastructures are designed to make citizen's lives easier and improved. Nevertheless, security and user consent are key elements to be dealt with.

Privacy, Security and Data Protection in Smart Cities: A Critical EU Law Perspective

29/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Privacy and how to ensure it is the cornerstone of this paper, where Edwards reiterates the need for regulation of the three hardest issues for modern privacy law to regulate: IoT, big data and Cloud.

Smart Cities With Big Data: Reference Models, Challenges, and Considerations

28/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
How to use big data in order to keep on improving cities and the experience that citizens get out of it remains a challenge for urbes worldwide.