The real-time city? Big Data and Smart Urbanism

28/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Big data is definitely here to stay. This paper raises certain concerns regarding from nature and production of big data to corporatization of governance.

Understanding Smart Cities: An Integrative Framework

28/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Which are the key pillars in which the transition towards a smart city is based on? A brief and basic insight into which directions cities should navigate to.

Open Government Data. Towards Empirical Analysis of Open Government Data Initiatives

25/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Open Government Data (OGD) has the great potential to make life easier and targets more accurate, nevertheless, which is the price governments are willing to pay?

Applying blockchain technology in multi-sided platforms to enable business model innovation: An explorative case study on decentralized sharing platforms

18/10/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The research provides an empirical example of how blockchain tech can be used by multi-sided platforms, and reveals that multi-sided platforms can use blockchain technology as a driver for business model innovation.

Sharing, Collaborative Consumption and Web 2.0

18/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper published by the London School of Economics explores the connection between collaborative consumption and technology.

Using Big Data to Estimate Consumer Surplus: The Case of Uber

12/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Using data supplied by Uber, Cohen et al. estimate that the consumer surplus generated by UberX in the United States in 2015 was $6.8 billion.

Blockchain-based sharing services: What blockchain technology can contribute to smart cities

20/09/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study discusses how blockchain-based sharing services can contribute to smart cities based on a conceptual framework.