Security and Privacy in your Smart City

Authors: A. Bartoli , J. Hernandez-Serrano , M. Soriano, M. Dohl, A. Kountouris and D. Barthel

Date of publish: December 2011

Why did we conduct this research?

Smart cities are not only becoming increasingly attractive to residents but governments as well, as population growth and the increase in living costs because of that are pressing for smarter solutions, which guess it, smart cities have the potential of solving by creating more liveable spaces in a more sustainable way. Nevertheless, privacy and security remain a challenge for these new approach to cities and new way of living. The paper provides two key observations to be considered in order to achieved such objective. 

Key findings:

  • Identity and privacy management continue to be key. Need to separate the data collected from a user with the user per-se (eg: by applying pseudo-nomination).
  • Technology security systems to be integrated.
  • High levels of security (for the users and the user's data).
  • Need to ensure reliable and efficient mechanisms in order to complete cyber security with low energy costs.


Bartoli, A., Hernández-Serrano, J., Soriano, M., Dohler, M., Kountouris, A., & Barthel, D. (2011, December). Security and privacy in your smart city. In Proceedings of the Barcelona smart cities congress (Vol. 292).