Smart Cities With Big Data: Reference Models, Challenges, and Considerations

Authors: Chiehyeon Lima, Kwang-Jae Kimb and Paul P. Maglio                                   

Date of publish: 2018

Why did we conduct this research? 

Big data has established itself as one of the key elements needed for cities to transition towards becoming smart(er). This large amounts of information can allow great targeted options to customers, but collecting the data is not enough, as this data must be transformed accordingly. The paper proposes considerations for urban data collection, management, and analysis that can assist in addressing such challenges.                                

Key findings:

  • Using big data helps towards the creation of packs of information that stakeholders will use later on in order to produce better processes and in turn create value.                                                
  • Need to establish synergies between data-related stakeholders (which will minimize conflicts amongst them as well).
  • Use a  data-oriented perspective in designing services.                                  


Lim, C., Kim, K. J., & Maglio, P. P. (2018). Smart cities with big data: Reference models, challenges, and considerations. Cities.