This room contains the latest research about the sharing economy, in specific about the impact of accommodation sharing on the housing market.

Airbnb Usage Across New York City Neighborhoods: Geographic Patterns and Regulatory Implications

15/10/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This research reveals how the geography of Airbnb usage patterns in New York City has evolved over time, reveals unexpected trends in rental prices and the regulatory implications.

Short Changing New York City: The Impact of Airbnb on New York City’s Housing Market

01/06/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study examines the impact of short-term rental on housing prices in New York.

Housing Affordability Impacts of Airbnb in Portland

01/10/2016Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This ECONorthwest, Airbnb commissioned report provides insights on the impact of accommodation sharing on housing prices in Portland.

When Tourists Move In: How Should Urban planners Respond to Airbnb

15/03/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This article analyses the impact of Airbnb in Sydney on planning policies

Circular Economy in Cities Evolving the model for a Sustainable Urban Future

12/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
A multisectorial and multistakeholder approach is required if a successful transition towards a circular economy is to be achieved.

Understanding the Sharing Economy: Drivers and Impediments for Participation in Peer-to-Peer Rental

18/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
User motivations for participating, or not, in the sharing economy remain murky. Hawlitschek et al. develop a questionnaire on personal motives to shed light on this increasingly important topic.

Reshaping Urban Development Through The Shared Economy

18/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
How does sharing economy influence the sense of cooperation in communities, and in a broader perspective the urban development process?

Sustainability of Sustainable Real Property Development

22/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The lack of credibility towards the green buildings' market is posing a severe threat in the sustainability of the Real Estate market in one of the fastest growing economies of the world: Singapore.

Urban Developer BPD Advances the Sharing Economy

28/01/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Not only sharing our tools, cars, and experience but also our living spaces. This article explains two ambitious Amsterdam housing projects which are based on the sharing economy mentality.

Cities of Tomorrow

12/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Enel's approach to circular economy.

Collaboration for Circular Economy: Linking sustainable public procurement and business models

08/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study examines the impact of introducing CE principles in Public Procurement, in order to create a more sustainable society.

Circular Economy in the building sector: Three cases and a collaboration tool

08/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study provides a conceptual framework and empirically based tool to enhance collaboration for CE in the building sector.

Collaborative X Circular economy in European cities

26/07/2020Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The collaborative economy, because it exchanges un-used or under-used assets, can be a useful tool to achieve the transition towards the circular economy. Similarly, the collaborative economy can support social objectives and inclusive growth by making resources like spare goods, volunteer workers, unused space or unused buildings available or usable. Local initiatives that are not necessarily for-profit but generate benefits for the society as a whole, are particularly relevant to this respect.