Urban Developer BPD Advances the Sharing Economy

Authors: Pieter van de Glind,  Edward Zevenbergen and Sander Klaver

Date of publish: April 2017

Why did we conduct this research?

The fact that we as a society share, is no more questionable. We do not only share things (gardening tools, clothes we do not need at the moment, or even our car) with our friends but with people we have never seen before. The fact that we are transitioning towards a sharing economy is no longer questionable.

Key findings:

  • Despite people liking the concept of sharing, there are clear boundaries which are not negotiable, eg: spaces within one's home is a clear "no-go" (people are still too fond of their privacy)
  • Holon House project in Amsterdam (movable walls which make it a living building according to the necessities of its residents).
  • APPartments housing project (Amsterdam) which is totally based on the principles of sharing economy. The plan is so strikingly unique because of the seven pillars it bases on the livability of the potential residents: share & connect; coffee & host; work & connect; meet & do; pop up market; share; mobility. 


ShareNL [https://www.sharenl.nl/nieuws/urban-developer-bpd-advances-the-sharing-economy]