Understanding the Sharing Economy: Drivers and Impediments for Participation in Peer-to-Peer Rental

Authors: Florian Hawlitschek, Timm Teubner, Henner Gimpel
Date published: January 2016

Why did we select this research?

As P2P products and services proliferate, understanding why people participate – or don’t – in the sharing economy is becoming increasingly important. However, the drivers and impediments for participation remain unclear. Focusing on peer-to-peer rental services, Hawlitschek et al. attempt to shed more light on this question by developing a questionnaire on personal motives.

Key findings

Based on insights from a survey of more than 600 people and literature review, the authors identify 17 factors to measure motivations for participating in the sharing economy. In doing so, they assess a broader spectrum of motivations than any preceding work, taking into account differences between provision and use, users and non-users, and different domains of ‘sharing’. The study also offers a useful overview of existing research on user motivations and provides a strong theoretical foundation for future research in the field.


 Hawlitschek, F., Teubner, T., & Gimpel, H. (2016, January). Understanding the Sharing Economy--Drivers and Impediments for Participation in Peer-to-Peer Rental. In System Sciences (HICSS), 2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on (pp. 4782-4791). IEEE. Retrieved from: https://www.computer.org/csdl/proceedings/hicss/2016/5670/00/5670e782.pdf