Cities of Tomorrow

Author: Enel

Date of publish: October 2018

Why did we select this research?

Circular economy plays (and has the potential to do so even more) a crucial role in cities, where most of the population lives worldwide. In order for cities to be able to cope with the raise in population, transport and demands of such increase, many things need to be reshaped. The way we consume being on the top of the list.

Key findings:

  • Innovation and sustainability at the center of the strategy.
  • Use of renewable sources, the increased service life of assets and the promotion of the so-called end of life phase are actions that lead to benefits in terms of new solutions, innovation, cost and risk reduction.
  • Openness and inclusion generate discussion with all stakeholders and the development of skills and ideas coming from the entire ecosystem.


Cities of Tomorrow. Circular Cities, Enel, 2018.