The rise of coworking space: A literature review

Author: Alessandro Gandini
Published on: October 2015 in Ephemera Journal: Theory and Politics in Organisation

Why we select this article?

Coworking space is an important element of the expansion of creative industry which is the driving force for a city’s economic development. Up to date, there are very few academic researches that focus entirely on investigating the topic of space sharing and coworking space in particular. The author gives critical reflection on the phenomena, predicts its future direction and directly answers why each individual prefer coworking space over traditional offices. 

Key findings:

Unlike traditional organisation, coworking motivates skill enhancement, trust building, and better communication between knowledge workers by decreasing competitive framework and increase opportunity for collaborative practice in the workplace. Freelancers and entrepreneurs find coworking highly beneficial and convenient for their networking activities. Although, this may not lead to securing the stability of their income, coworking presents boarder transformation in the world of knowledge economy based on the socialisation of value production.


Gandini, Alessandro (2015) The rise of coworking spaces: a literature review. Ephemera : Theory and Politics in Organization, 15 (1). pp. 193-205. ISSN 2052-1499