Sharing Cities Magazine - January 2019

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance
Date of publish: January 2019

Why did we conduct this research:

Cities from around the world are undergoing an undeniable transformation, and inevitably, area development has to adapt to such changes. In this magazine, we explored some innovations taking place in three different cities: Malmö, Toronto and The Hague. Each case provides a unique approach to the topic, which we think are of great value for the international community.

Key findings:

  • Data protection and privacy arise as two concerns deeply rooted in both the citizens and some of the project developers themselves.
  • Key role of the local governments to deal with potential gentrification.
  • Need for the establishment of frames for collaboration between platforms and governments.

"The pixels on the draw boards of urban planners are getting smaller. Yet most of them still have a hard time in not drawing straight lines. Cities have traditionally divided their territories into well ordered zones fitting to strait forward functions. Industrial, commercial and residential use of space each having a separate piece of the city. Meanwhile more and more space has gotten reserved for mobility, mainly cars and parking lots. But then came the sharing economy.."

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