Creating communities of innovation

Authors: Vareska van de Vrande and Michiel Tempelaar
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.
Year: 2016

Why did we select this research?

The report presents the results of a large-scale survey among the users of Seats2meet (S2M), a provider of co-working spaces in the Netherlands. The study investigates the potentials of co-working spaces to act as communities for innovation. 

Key findings:

According to the results from this study performed by researchers from Erasmus University coworking leads to positive outcomes for the workspace users. Coworking contributes to improving current products and services (34%), expanding customer networks (30%) and the development of business skills (38%). Additionally, working at Seats2meet can also help in finding a job or a temporary assignment, as indicated by 16% of the respondents. These outcomes show that the value of a co-working space go beyond providing a suitable place to work.


Vrande, van de V. & Tempelaar, M. (2016). Creating communities of innovation. Erasmus University.