Smart Map Gothenburg

Author: City of Gethenburg 

Date: November 2019

Why did we select this flyer? 

A few years ago, the city of Gothenburg and Kollekogbg created a Smart map (Smarta Kartan) which features more than 100 organizations active in the sharing economy field.

Key points:

  • To help achieve its greenhouse gas target, the city of Gothenburg set challenging goals for reducing consumption-based emissions.
  • The Smart map which was created as part of an innovative civil-public partnership, is a tool that maps the sharing economy in Gothenburg, and includes over 100 sharing initiatives.
  • The Smart map encourages locals and visitors in Gothenburg to live sustainably, create a sense of community, facilitate new ways of connecting, and makes it easier to share rather then own. This allows residents to hire, borrow, share and swap. In other words, it allows citizens to directly participate in the circular economy.
  • The Smart map highlights current and upcoming activities and networks throughout the city, such as ‘bike kitchens’, where you can learn to fix your own bike, as well as exchange groups, give-away shops, and digital platforms. Simultaneously, changing peoples behaviour and inspiring new services.
  • The city of Gothenburg co-designed The Smart map with the Collaborative Economy Gothenburg (KEG), a voluntary group, that voice and co-ordinate citizen action.