Case Studies

City of Cape Town - Climate Change Policy

06/01/2020Sharing Cities Alliance Support
City of Cape Town Climate Change Policy (2017)

Smart Map Gothenburg

21/11/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Flyer of the Smart Map created by the City of Gothenburg to map the organizations active in the sharing economy field.

Sharing Cities: Exploring the Emerging Landscape of the Sharing Economy in Cities in Sweden

08/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This report gives an overview of current existing projects in Sweden, and provides recommendations regarding circular and sharing cities.

London: Circular and Sharing Economy Study Local Plan Supporting Study

01/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Planned approach to the adoption of circular and sharing economy principles as they apply to the development of Old Oak and regeneration proposals for Park Royal (London).

Sport equipment platform Sharewood

03/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Sharewood is an online sports sharing marketplace in Milan, enabling those who have sports equipment to choose a price and share it with other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Goods sharing platform Peerby

03/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The Dutch start-up Peerby is an online platform that enables people to borrow the things they need from people in their neighborhood.

Tool library De Deelkelder

03/07/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
De Deelkelder is a tool library in the Netherlands, providing a physical place where people can borrow and loan things, meet each other, gather, and exchange experiences.