Gothenburg: Innovative Ways to Stimulate Participation in the Sharing Economy

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of publish: May 2018

What's the main topic of this seminar?

The main objective of the seminar was to discuss how to promote both citizens of Gothenburg and visitors to live in a more sustainable way (mainly encouraging sharing over the concept of ownership). The seminar was co-hosted by the Swedish city of Gothenburg and their Gothenburg’s Smart Map, a very innovative tool with regards to sharing. The online seminar was hosted by Tove Lund, Coordinator of the Testbed Sharing City Gothenburg and Emma Öhrwall and Jonathan Mattebo Persson, both co-founders of Collaborative Economy Gothenburg.

Key findings:

  • Role of citizen participation when it comes to creating sharing initiatives and promoting (and improving them). 
  • What should be the stand of local governments and civil servants towards this new approach to a more sustainable economy.
  • Behavior aspects of engagement. Both short and long term benefits and challenges of initiatives such as the Gothenburg Smart Map.

"What would be the ideal outlook of a public-private partnership?  How can the role of citizens within the city's priorities be further encouraged? How to create socially sustainable and inclusive cities? In this seminar all these questions are touched upon with the objective of creating a better understanding of how the sharing & platform economy affects citizen participation and engagement, and how (local) governments can respond appropriately."

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