On the Road with an Autonomous Passenger Shuttle: Integration in Public Spaces

Authors: Grade Eden, Benjamin Nanchen, Ramdolf Ramseyer and Florian Evéquoz

Date of publish: May 2017

Why did we select this research?

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) present a great deal of advantages when it comes to safely moving people within cities, specially those who might have some difficulties in taking other means of transport, such as the youngest and the oldest. Nonetheless, adapting public roads to this new methods of transport, as well as successfully achieving a change in citizen's mentality presents itself like a tough task.

Key findings:

  • Semi-structures interviews with users, shopkeepers, pedestrians and other vehicle users, as to understand in which context the Smart Shuttle  will operate. Also to see what perspective does people have regarding it.
  • Interview with Smart Shuttle users, to understand how and when they would use it (and in turn improve the service).


Eden, G., Nanchen, B., Ramseyer, R., & Evéquoz, F. (2017, May). On the road with an autonomous passenger shuttle: integration in public spaces. In Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1569-1576). ACM.