The Behavior of New Generations Consumers Related to the Circular Economy

Authors: Elena Simina Lakatos, Laura Bacali, Alina Oana Ciomos, Mihaela Gabriela Rosca, Cristina Mateiciuc 

Date of publish: December 2018

Why did we select this research?

Circular economy has been presenting itself as a potential solution to the unsustainable growing consumption pattern worldwide. But are the people prepared to change the ways they consume? In a society where the care for the environment is very important, how easy is it to switch consumption patterns into more sustainable ones? Are new generations revolutionary in this sense? This paper explores these questions.

Key findings:

  • Agreement of the importance of ecological activities. Amongst these, the sample used in the paper realized about the importance of some behavioral aspects (bringing used stuff such as lightbulbs or finished batteries to collection centers; separate waste from plastic and other materials; use the bicycle or public transport instead of car).
  • Recycling and upcycling. Also, taking part in donations (clothes, old toys, books, etc), as to become aware of the further cycle of life that any object can have. Social integration can increase through programs like this.


Lakatos, S. E., Bacali, L., Ciomos, A. O., Rosca, M. G., & Mateiciuc, C. (2018). The Behavior of New Generations Consumers Related to the Circular Economy. ACTA TECHNICA NAPOCENSIS-Series: APPLIED MATHEMATICS, MECHANICS, and ENGINEERING, 61(4).