Transition to Circular and Sustainable Economy Through Design

Authors: David Camocho, José Vicente and Ana Margarida Ferreira

Date of publish: June 2018

Why did we select this research?

Circular economy is gaining attention in Europe and around the world as a potential way for our society to increase prosperity and sustainability by reducing the dependence on primary materials and energy. To implement the model, designers, product developers and companies need to be able to apply the circular economy principles and criteria in practice in a simple and efficient way.

Key findings:

  • Need for a definition of a strategy, supported by methods and tools that will support a more efficient design    practice. On the other hand, this needs to be aligned with European and national policies and in order to contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • To achieve the highest level of efficient design, there is a clear-cut need for a common ground in which not only designers but also product developers feel the capacity to innovate within an ecologically safe space.


CAMOCHO, David, VICENTE, José  and FERREIRA Ana Margarida, Transition to Circular and Sustainable Economy Through Design, Conference Paper, Conference: Design Doctoral Conference’18: TRANSgression  (Lisbon, June 2018)