This room contains the latest research about the sharing economy, in specific related to finance.

The Sharing Economy and Consumer Protection Regulation: The Case for Policy Change.

23/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper discusses the central benefit of the sharing economy thus far: it has overcome market imperfections without recourse to regulatory bodies prone to capture by entrenched firms

Does the sharing economy increase inequality within the eighty percent?; Findings from a qualitative study of platform providers

23/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper presents evidence for increased income inequality among the bottom 80%

A good gig? The rise of on-demand domestic work

23/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper explores the rise of on-demand domestic work platforms

Good Work: the taylor review of modern working practices

23/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This report reviews the changing landscape of employment in the UK.

The promise of the Sharing Economy among Disadvantaged Communities

23/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper investigates the perception and feasibility of finding temporary employment and sharing spare resources using sharing-economy applications.

Matching the crowd - combining crowdfunding and institutional funding to get great ideas off the ground

23/04/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
this report explores the opportunities for matched crowdfunding as an innovative way of funding cultural projects and to build an evidence base to support the growth of this method of fundraising

Circular Advantage. Innovative Business Models and Technologies to Create Value in a World without Limits to Growth

27/03/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Getting ahead of rivals by innovating for both resource efficiency and customer value—and creating change at the intersection of a company’s strategy, technology and operations.

World Development Report 2019 - The changing nature of work

24/10/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The report analyzes the changes in the nature of work in the future, and considers how governments can best respond.

Randstad: Sustainable Growth in the Age of Cities

29/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Read all about the future of work and sustainable growth in cities in this new white paper written by our co-founders Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang together with Pieter de Jong (shareNL).

Crowdfunding, a New Tool for Territorial Policies for Sustainable Development?

18/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
[FRENCH] This Issue Brief explores the uses of crowdfunding by local authorities and analyzes how it can be useful for territorial policies for sustainable development.