Good Work: the taylor review of modern working practices

Authors: Taylor, M.

Date Published: July 2017

Why did we select research?

The labor market is changing, self-employment is rising, innovative forms of working are causing questions about established norms and how our current legislative framework should be adjusted. This report reviews the changing landscape of employment in the UK and provides an action plan. 

Key Findings

  • Genuine flexibility, whereby individuals and employers are able to agree terms and conditions that suit them both, above a statutory basic minimum, is both the key strength of the UK labour market and also a core component of fair and decent work 

  • Societies should be bolder in designing flexible jobs that allow people to remain and progress in the labour market as their personal circumstances change. This is good for health as well as the economy 

  • Public agencies need to work more closely together at a local level to understand how to keep people in work and to support them to progress

  • There must be ministerial responsibility for quality work in addition to responsibility for the quantity of work 

  • More effort has to be placed on measuring quality of work through agreed metrics and better data, with a focus on particular sectors 

  • Government has to remain vigilant and proactively engage where market conditions could lead to a greater risk of exploitation 

  • Government needs to ensure the forthcoming modern Industrial Strategy makes the most of the opportunities a more productive workforce can deliver, especially in lower paid, and lower skilled sectors

  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have the potential to support the development of quality work. 


Taylor, M. (2017) Good Work: the taylor review of modern working practices