The Sharing Economy in Amsterdam

Why did we select this video

This video shows Amsterdam's thriving sharing startup scene which can provide many benefits for the people of Amsterdam.  The city of Amsterdam  is open to innovation, and wants to  empower its citizens to make sure that the sharing economy is accessible to everyone in their city. Watch this short video to see some of the sharing initiatives that are currently taking place; the role of shareNL  and The Sharing City Alliance. And learn what  it means to envision your city through a sharing economy perspective (with its opportunities and challenges) and the importance of actively responding to  new developments and trends.

ShareNL and The City of Amsterdam conducted research together and found that 84% of its city  is willing to step into the sharing economy. 

"We really  believe in a society where everyone have access to all the products and services that are there to lead to a happy social and connected life" Harmen van Sprang (co- founder of Share nl & The Sharing Cities Alliance).