Market Developments

The sharing economy has emerged as an innovative exchange model that is disrupting traditional market exchanges. In this part we'll discuss the past, current and future market developments of this sector.

VIDEO: 'Sharing and the City' Project

03/05/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Yuliya Voytenko Palgan introduces the project 'Sharing and the City' researching the place of the sharing economy in cities worldwide

When Is Ours Better Than Mine? A Framework For Understanding and Altering Participation in Commercial Sharing Systems

24/05/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This paper written by Cait Lamberton and Randall Rose published in the Journal of Marketing conceptualizes commercial sharing systems within a typology of shared goods.

A Triadic Framework for Collaborative Consumption (CC)

12/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This article by Benoit et al. aims to clarify the roles of the three main actors in collaborative consumption.

The Impact of Technology-Mediated Consumption on Identity: the Case of Airbnb

12/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
In this article by Festila and Dueholm Müller, the authors ask how the rise of technology-mediated, access-based consumption influences our extended selves.

Ps2Share: Participation, Privacy, and Power in the Sharing Economy

12/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Overview on the platforms' legacy and their relationship with government bodies, and the power dynamics between platforms and users.

“Carried Away by the Crowd:” What Types of Logistics for Collaborative Consumption?

12/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This french language study by Carbone et al. examines the role of logistics in collaborative consumption and identifies and describes four distinct categories.

The Sharing Economy: Why People Participate in Collaborative Consumption

12/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This study by Hamari et al. tests the assumption that individuals engage in collaborative consumption for the greater good and finds people are more likely to participate for personal gains.

Contagious Effects of Customer Misbehavior in Access-Based Services

12/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Schaefers et al. find that misbehaviour is contagious in access-based services, but also put forward evidence-based strategies to curb bad conduct.

Timeline of Large Brands in the Collaborative Economy

18/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Since 2013 Crowd Companies has been tracking different ways large companies are participating in the collaborative economy. This spreadsheet offers a timeline and also several visualisations describing the activities of large brands.

Sharing Economy: An In-Depth Look At Its Evolution and Trajectory Across Industries

18/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This report released by Piper Jaffray outlines the sharing economy's enablers and secular drivers, introduces sub-sectors of the sharing economy, and examines its impact to existing businesses.