Washington D.C.: Transportation in D.C.

Author: Sharing Cities Alliance

Date of publish: March 2019

What's the main topic of this seminar?

The main objective of this seminar was to discuss transportation in transition, and the way ahead in Washington, D.C. The seminar was co-hosted by Eric Fidler, the Chief Information Officer at Department of For-Hire Vehicles. 

Key findings:

  • PFH (private for hire) cars has had a huge impact, both on the regulation and consumer behavior side.
  • Role of data in the transportation revolution.
  • Infrastructure and technology go hand in hand.
  • Electric vehicles and AVs (automated vehicles).
  • Sustainability and efficiency at the core. Values (shift on the concept of ownership) and behavior as key aspects to play with.

"How can public services be taxed in a way that support more sustainable practices? To what extent can local governments decide on higher issues such as taxation? Would the de-congestion systems already in place (such as in London or Stockholm) work in other cities? How? In this seminar all these questions are touched upon with the objective of creating a better understanding of how the sharing & platform economy affects citizens and how (local) governments can respond appropriately."

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