Policy proposal Washington D.C. to deregulate taxi industry

Published by: City of Washington D.C. (District of Columbia)

Date: March 2016

In 2016, Washington D.C. issued a policy framework to prevent an uneven playing field in the taxi industry. Martin Di Caro wrote an article about the policy in the WAMU: Can D.C. Taxis Compete With Uber? Regulators Consider Major Deregulation.

In the article Martin explains: “In a personal transport market now dominated by Uber, struggling D.C. taxicab companies have long complained about an uneven playing field. On Wednesday, District regulators will unveil a proposal designed to help cabbies compete for digitally-dispatched rides while satisfying consumers’ demand for convenience, safety, and lower fares."

The 17-page policy proposes a deregulation of the city’s taxi industry and the development of a new vehicle-for-hire service, called Xclass. "More than just an app, Xclass is envisioned as an open platform that would reduce barriers to entry and limit regulations once a driver enters the market. The ambitious plan would start as a pilot program.” Martin continues. 

Instead of increasing regulations on Uber and Lyft Washington D.C. reduces the regulatory burden with the economic aim to best serve competition while making sure to keep protecting riders’ safety. 

Policy proposal