Store Share

Why did we select this case? 

This case presents an interesting way to re-create value by combining space sharing together with economic activities that happen on a daily basis. It also shows that collaborative economy is approachable and adaptable for all groups of citizens.

About the Case 

Store Share is a platform that allows users to rent empty space within a store on hourly rate. Within one store, there could be two or more operators, selling different products within shared space. The matchmaking service that Store Share provides allow two or more operators to work collaboratively within the same space.  

Users can identify their preferences and conditions on the platform. There are flexible options in terms of how users would like to rent the space for example, 

  1. Part-time shop Sharing service: A part-time shop means space is shared on a non-operating time. Store owners and new entrepreneurs operate the entire space at two different time.
  2. Shop in Shop: This service allows space owners to share some idle space in a store. Therefore, store owners and new entrepreneurs operate their stores in the same space at the same time. 

Fixed cost reduction is given to the owner of the space while start ups could reduce their financial burden by saving cost from permanent rental agreement or construction of a new store.

Seoul, South Korea.

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