Supporting car-sharing co-operative Modo

Vancouver’s car-sharing co-operative Modo is a pioneer in consumer-run transportation solutions. Launched in 1997 with only 16 members, today Modo has a fleet of more than 500 cars and a membership of 16,000 users. Its app and web platform conveniently allow members to use vehicles at $4/hour, with rates set by the memberowners themselves, who get a vote as shareholders. 

Municipalities in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland have engaged with Modo in a number of ways: 

  • providing parking by including permits and dedicated on-street spaces where only Modo vehicles can park 
  • amending development bylaws to give developers the option of reduced parking requirements if they participate in car-sharing programs 
  • participating in car-sharing through paid agreements to provide car-sharing options to City employees in place of regular fleet vehicles


From the report: Navigating the sharing economy: A 6-decision guide for municipalities