Policies, regulations & MoU's

Dockless bike share code of practice: For Operators in London

04/10/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Read all about the code of practice the Transport for London (TfL) has published to ensure responsible bike-sharing.

Supporting car-sharing co-operative Modo

03/10/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Read how different municipalities in the Lower Mainland support car-sharing through multiple policy responses.

Policy proposal Washington D.C. to deregulate taxi industry

04/08/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Read about the policy Washington D.C. issued to prevent an uneven playing field in the taxi industry.

Online Seminar: Acting on the Rapid Changes in Transportation

07/12/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Watch the recording of our first online seminar to learn how Washington D.C. deals with new ride sharing and -hailing platforms and prepares for autonomous vehicles.