Case Studies

New York City passes nation’s first minimum pay rate for Uber and Lyft drivers

07/05/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
This article discusses the raise NYC gave to Uber and Lyft drivers

More Than a Gig. A Survey of Ride-hailing Drivers in Los Angeles.

02/05/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Comprehensive study of ride-hailing drivers in Los Angeles County, based on 260 surveys, 8 interviews and extensive policy and literature review.

Driver Pay Protections Explainer: Rules Effective Feb. 1, 2019

02/05/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Rules by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission regulating the minimum amount the largest FHV companies have to pay drivers for each trip.

An Earnings Standard for New York City’s App-based Drivers: July 2018 Economic Analysis and Policy Assessment

02/05/2019Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Examination of pay and hours among app-based drivers in NYC. Presentation of a proposal to create a minimum driver pay standard, and how the industry would absorb the cost of such a standard.

20/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
A city-based approach to empower women in New York, by offering resources and assets

Uses of Crowdfunding by Local Authorities in France

18/06/2018Sharing Cities Alliance Support
[FRENCH] This case study aims to explore the uses of crowdfunding by local authorities in France.

The opportunities and challenges to work in the 21st century

29/09/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Interview with Darren Sharp, the director of Social Surplus, to hear his concerns and perspective on worker protection and empowerment from an urban perspective.

Responding to Gig Economy Implications on New York City’s Workforce

27/09/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
Interview with executives from New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, Office of Labor Policy & Standards

Library at the Dock: A Makerspace in Melbourne

19/09/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The city of Melbourne has created a makerspace to enable citizens to develop some necessary skills for the 21th century.

Crowdfunding platform Spacehive

15/09/2017Sharing Cities Alliance Support
The crowdfunding platform Spacehive enables access to a large number of people to raise money civil projects.