Sport equipment platform Sharewood

Why did we select this case?

By connecting people who own underutilized sport gear with locals and travelers who need the gear Sharewood embraces the philosophy of sharing economy and eco-tourism. They offer a win-win solution, because owners earn an alternative source of income while renters have access to a larger variety of sport equipment and the chance to meet local people with the same passion. This case is especially relevant for touristic cities that face temporary high demands of sports equipment. For example, skis during the winter or surf gear during summer. The platform enables a better utilization of the locally available sport gear, this can boost outdoor sports activities by making the gear better and cheaper accessible. 

About the Case

Sharewood is a peer-to-peer marketplace where people can rent and borrow sport gears such as bikes, surfboards, skis and tents from other people nearby. The platform allows people to both select the gear they need for outdoor activities and to provide their own underutilized gear. 

On the platform everyone can list their gears for free or a fee and make a profit. Sharewood also allows professional rental shops to get in touch with international travellers, families and groups. The platform holds a small percentage of the renting transactions. In case of damage to the owner’s equipment, the platform will refund the owner up to € 3.000.

People who want to borrow sport gear can chose the things they need on the site. The platform shows the specific gear and the location. After choosing the gear that best suits the user needs they can send a request to the owner. The platform provides the opportunity to chat with the owner so the users can discuss the precise pick-up location and time.


The mission of Sharewood is threefold:

  1. Allow a more efficient use of resources as a lot of people own sport gear and most of the time it is underutilized.
  2. Foster micro-entrepreneurship by offering owners an alternative source of income.
  3. Connect locals and tourists with the same passions to share sport equipment and useful suggestions for outdoor activities in the neighborhood.

At the moment Sharewood is active in the following cities in Italy: Bari, Cesena, Ferrara, Gallipoli, Napoli, Monza, Milano, Livigno, Lucca, Pietrasanta, Madonna di Campiglio and Marilleva.

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