Global Pathway for Equitable Online Platforms and Improved Climate Action

Authors: Niek Bouw, Mathe Gunnik, Louis vn Haasbergen, Laurien Maasdam

Publication date: May 2019

Why did we select this research? 

Innovations are highly important for the economic development of nations, but how can we ensure economic growth is also following a sustainable trajectory, including lower climate impact as well as social equality? Platform economies are one such innovation which are currently growing rapidly, but are infamous for breaking social paradigms and can have a large influence on climate action. This infographic provides some insights on possible pathways for platforms to be equitable and their links with SDGs.

Key Insights:

  • Problems of the platform economies (impact on climate change, economical and societal impacts)
  • New system (designign new regulations, international scope)
  • Institutionalization & impact on SDGs
  • Best case examples from leading cities