ISO International Workshop Agreement 27:2017

Guiding Principles & Framework for the Sharing Economy

Why Did We Select This Research?

This IWA report  (International Workshop Agreement, 1st edition) is prepared by the ISO and provides guiding principles and a framework for decision making and action to address key social, environmental, and economic impacts and opportunities of the sharing economy.

Key Findings

The report identifies that the sharing economy is the source of both opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders, which include customers, labor, government, environment, and the broader economic, societal, and community impacts and opportunities.

Ten guiding principles for platform operators and providers to address the opportunities and challenges are formulated, as well as a decision-making and action framework for stakeholders in the sharing economy. The document provides guidance on handling comments and complaints in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the management of customer feedback. Through lists of clear questions, platform operators, providers, customers, and interested parties can identify and address possible issues. Additionally, the agreement links to existing ISO guidelines for implementation.


International Organization for Standardization. (2017). Guiding principles and framework for the sharing economy (ISO/TMBG Standard No. IWA27:2017). Retrieved from: